Research Toward Breaking Up of Ice Jams




The conclusions of the report are summarized as follows: explosives are effecive in breaking up ice jams, provided operations are initiated promptly by competent personnel; a multiple explosive charge is more effective than a single explosive charge of equivalent weight, and charges detonated under water are more effective than those detonated on the surface of the ice; the RY5D helicopter is a most effective aircraft for use in demolition operations against ice jams, while the L5G airplane is suitable for reconnaissance; the landing vehicle, Tank, (LVT2), is not suitable for operations against ice jams, but the Cargo Carrier, M29C, is effective for transporting personnel and equipment; the Rocket, Demolition, 7.2 incl., T37, is useful for the demolition of ice jams, but requires modifications; and reasoned and unbiased use of demolitions methods to remove ice jams promptly would result in considerable annual savings of public funds now expended annually for the repair of ice damaged structures and real property.


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    Dantone, P. F.;

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  • 年度 1946
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    Ice breakup; Explosives; Rivers; Ice;

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