An Analysis of Data on the Nutrition of American Officer Prisoners of War at the Zentsuji Prisoner of War Camp at Shikoku, Japan.




The amounts of various nutrients on a monthly per man per day basis obtained from foods supplied by the Japanese to, and foods received in Red Cross parcels by American officer Prisoners of War in Zentsuji, Japan, 1942-1945, have been calculated. The amount of each nutrient received has been compared with that recommended in the daily allowances of the National Research council. These have been correlated with certain clinical observations that were made during the period of internment. The report includes a description of the Zentsuji Camp, the prisoners, their treatment and a literature review. The report includes 43 tables, 12 figures and an appendix consisting of a brief account of nutrition conditions of Philippine Prisoner of War camps from whence the majority of the American Officer P.O.W's at Zentsuji came. (Author)



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