Reaction force of percussive corer, rotary-friction corer, and rotary-percussive corer




Future NASA exploration missions will increasingly require sampling, in-situ analysis and possibly the return of material to Earth for laboratory analysis. To address these objective, effective and optimized drilling techniques are needed. This requires developing comprehensive tools to be able to determine analytically what takes place during the operation and what are the control parameters that can be enhanced. In this study, three types of coring techniques were studied and were identified as potential candidates for operation from a possible future Mars Sample Return (MSR) mission rover. These techniques include percussive, rotary-friction, and rotary-percussive coring. Theoretical models were developed to predict the dynamic reaction forces transmitted from these three types of corers to the robotic arms that hold them. The predicted reaction forces will then be used in a dynamic simulation environment to simulate a representative corer tool to obtain a best estimate of a tool that can be operated from a small rover. The predicted dynamic reaction forces will be presented in this paper.



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