Leukemia data analysis for fast neutron RBE- a simplified approach for radiation protection

机译:快速中子RBE的白血病数据分析 - 一种简化的辐射防护方法



The problem of fast neutron RBE at low doses is reinvestigated in the light of revised A-bomb dosimetry. Instead of dose dependent RBE based on discrete dose points, a constant neutron RBE appropriate to low dose range is recommended based on linear non-threshold gamma risk for leukemia. A non-linear function for gamma induced carcinogenesis has the associated problem of accounting for dose and dose rate effectiveness factor (DDREF) which is assumed to be unity for high LET radiation (fast neutron). A simplified linear dose response for both types of radiation, yields RBE values which may be a pointer to selection of suitable quality factor (QF) values in radiation protection. (author). 11 refs., 3 figs., 4 tabs., appendix. (Atomindex citation 26:020904)



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