Effects of Near Field Pyroshock on the Performance of a Nitramine Nitrocellulose Propellant.




The overall purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of a pyroshock environment on the performance characteristics of a propellant used in pyrotechnic devices such as guillotine cutters. Near field pyroshock which is defined by acceleration amplitudes in excess of 10,000g at a frequency of greater than 10,000 Hz is a highly transient environment that has a known potential to cause failure in both structural and electronic components. A heritage pressure cartridge assembly which uses a nitramine nitrocellulose propellant with a known performance baseline will be exposed to a near field pyroshock event. The pressure cartridge will then be fired in an ambient closed bomb firing to collect pressure time history. The two performance characteristics that will be evaluated are the pressure amplitude and time to peak pressure. This data will be compared to the base-lined ambient closed bomb data to evaluate the effects of the shock on the performance of the propellant. It is expected that the pyroshock environment will cause brittle failures of the propellant increasing the surface area of said propellant. This increase of surface area should result in increased combustion rate which should show as an increased pressure peak and decreased time to peak pressure in the pressure time data.



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