Christian Realism's Response to International Terrorism




What moral framework does Christian Realism provide Christian chaplains and commanders as they determine a proper military response to international terrorism. One of the primary tasks of a chaplain is to advise commanders on issues of morality. The majority of Air Force officers consider themselves to be religious. A majority of these would call themselves Christian. The Christian Gospel is often misunderstood in terms of its relationship to government and especially the role of the military. This problem is compounded when confronting international terrorism, which bases its extremism on the religious principles of Islam. The foremost Christian writer on issues related to political thought in the twentieth century was Reinhold Niebuhr. The paper begins with an historical and theological introduction of Niebuhr. The main tenets of political realism are then presented in comparison with Christian Realism. Chapter Four provides an in-depth discussion and definition of Christian Realism. Chapter Five discusses the militant Islamic extremism behind the international terrorism with which the United States is presently at war. Chapter Six, demonstrates the moral framework that Christian Realism provides in responding to international terrorism.


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