Proceedings of the Annual RAND-China Reform Forum Conference (6th) Held in Beijing, China on August 28-29, 2003

机译:年度中国 - 中国改革论坛会议论文集(第六届)于2003年8月28日至29日在中国北京召开



Since 1998 the China Reform Forum (CRF) in Beijing and The RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, California, have jointly organized an annual conference of experts from China and the United States. Each of the six annual conferences held thus far has focused on economic and political-security subjects of mutual concern to China and the United States. The venues of the conferences have alternated between Beijing and Santa Monica, and participants have included policy and business practitioners as well as scholars from both countries. This volume contains the papers and several of the discussant comments presented at the 6th annual conference held in Santa Monica on August 28-29, 2003. The direct motivation for initiating this collaboration between the two institutions has been and remains to facilitate the exchange of information, analysis and ideas on the topics addressed in each conference. In the process, the six conferences have sought to enhance mutual understanding among the scholars and policymakers from China and the United States and, in some instances, to advance consideration of promising policy options that might be pursued.



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