Cross-National Analysis of Islamic Fundamentalism.




This project fulfilled two major research objectives: 1) rigorous analyses of cross-national data that have been collected on seven Middle Eastern countries and the presentation/publication of the findings; and 2) the development of a panel survey that was carried out in Tunisia by re-interviewing the nationally representative sample of 3,070 respondents who participated in the survey in 2013. Ajrouch assumed the role of PI in May 2015 because Mansoor Moaddel, the original PI, left Eastern Michigan University (EMU), the institution to which the grant was awarded. As PI at EMU, Ajrouch joined Moaddel to oversee the overall execution, progress of the project, and ensure deliverables listed in the project are completed. Ajrouch collaborated to contribute to the scientific goals of the project as well as oversee funds at EMU. Ajrouch ensured funding was directed to project activities as stipulated and oversaw V execution and progress of the project activities at Eastern Michigan University, as well as coordinated the activities involving the other project personnel: de Jong, Karabenick, and the Tunisian researchers. Ajrouch was the contact person with the Office of Naval Research for the EMU portion of the project. It is important to note that this project preceded Ajrouch's involvement, and now continues at the University of Maryland under the leadership of Moaddel. This technical report summarizes the activities and "products," during the period that Ajrouch commenced involvement as PI at EMU (June 2014-September 2015). Summary of Activities and Outcomes. Ajrouch participated in analyses related to the topic of technology and attitudes, and was fully involved in activities concerning questionnaire design including a new experimental design in the survey, pilot testing, and panel survey data collection. The two objectives of this project proceeded in parallel: (I) In-depth analysis of the sevencountry data, and (II) launching of a panel survey of Tunisians.



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