Digital Image Correlation of Dynamic Impact Deformation Without Painted Dots Using ProAnalyst 3-D Photogrammetry Software.




This report is a user s manual for ProAnalyst 3-D (registered trademark of Xcitex, Inc.) photogrammetry for high-speed impact deformation. ProAnalyst 3-D is a noncontact measurement system that calculates geometric properties, such as angle, depth, and length. The software can render a series of stereo images into three-dimensional displacement vectors as functions of time. Unlike other photogrammetric systems, ProAnalyst 3-D does not require the application of a pattern to the surface of the target. Spall or crack may obscure the pattern, or the pattern may not adhere to the surface, resulting in a loss of critical data. This manual is intended to provide an overview of the operating procedure adapted for high-speed impact testing. Instructions of the usage of the ProAnalyst 3-D system are illustrated with an example of a high- speed projectile impact on a target block without applying a pattern to the surface.



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