Fidel Castro: Communist or Caudillo




Ever since Fidel Castro seized power in Cuba, scholars have strived tocorroborate how and why he did it and to analyze what his prospects for continuing in power will be. This Individual Study Project attempts to determine how his educational and social backgrounds contributed to his adaptive style of leadership (as a head of state) and whether he became a Communist out of ideological beliefs or for other reasons. It also endeavors to answer specific questions about his political philosophy, his durability as a leader, his humanistic tendencies and his plans for making his revolution work. This MSP concludes with an assessment of Castro's importance to Cuba, present and future.


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    Nawrocki, J. T.;

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    Army War Coll., Carlisle Barracks, PA.;

  • 年度 1991
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    Cuba; Leadership; Philosophy; Political science;


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