Doing the maths: In the fourth of my six reports on living with the Renault Zoe, I ask: do the maths make sense? Is driving an electric vehicle a sound financial move?


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Buying any new car is a big step and not for everyone; but on the face of it choosing the Zoe - a cute-looking city car - is a premium option. It's priced from £13,995, though mine is the Dynamique Zen, the middle one of the three trims, costing £15,195. By comparison, Renault's conventionally powered small cars, the Twingo and Clio, both start at around £10,700. You can have the latter with monthly payments of £129, while the Zoe is £189 - and then you've got to cough up for the battery lease as well. That costs from £70 per month depending on the mileage you do and length of agreement.
机译:购买新车是一大步,并不适合所有人。但从表面上看,选择Zoe(一辆可爱的城市汽车)是一个高级选择。它的价格从13,995英镑起,尽管我的是Dynamique Zen,这是三个饰件的中间之一,售价15,195英镑。相比之下,雷诺的传统动力小型车Twingo和Clio的起价均为10,700英镑左右。后者的月付款额为129英镑,而Zoe的月付款额为189英镑-然后,您还必须支付电池租赁费用。根据您的里程数和协议期限,每月费用为70英镑。



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