Plato, Sun Tsu, and the Art of War (on cancer). Can we learn from history?


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Cancer, in all its guises is on the rise along with the population growth. While not the leading cause of death in the world, it may soon garner that unfortunate honor. In the US, it is second only to heart disease. The 'war on cancer' declared in the US by Richard Milhouse Nixon is not being won. At present, treatment modalities are limited to resection, immunotoxins, radiation, chemotherapy, genomeceuticals, and variations on those themes. It is anticipated that with the emerging human genome data, most of these areas will be expanded, with the possible exception of radiation. However, all these approaches have two things in common. First, they have met with limited success. Second, they all work around the similar idea of containment and eradication in situ of the disease. This paper presents an alternative and novel way of looking at the research and treatment options for cancer taking two lessons from history. First, is Plato's dialectic where 'truth' is uncovered by examining a situation from twoopposite directions at once. Second, from Sun Tsu's treaty on the Art of War, where he recommends that when faced with a superior opponent, one method of dealing with the situation is to provoke them, anger them, cause them to move. The second tactic wears out the opponent and presents them in a more favorable situation for assault. It is suggested herein that perhaps cancer can be attacked by first assisting its growth, and causing metastasis to a location more favorable to attack with the common mechanisms cited above.
机译:各种形式的癌症都随着人口的增长而增加。虽然不是世界上主要的死亡原因,但它很快就会获得这种不幸的荣誉。在美国,它仅次于心脏病。理查德·米尔豪斯·尼克松(Richard Milhouse Nixon)在美国宣布的“抗癌战争”并未获胜。目前,治疗方式仅限于切除,免疫毒素,放射,化学疗法,基因组药物以及这些主题的变异。可以预见,随着人类基因组数据的出现,这些领域中的大多数领域将得到扩展,但可能存在辐射例外。但是,所有这些方法都有两个共同点。首先,他们取得的成功有限。其次,他们都围绕着类似的遏制和根除这种疾病的想法展开工作。本文从历史上汲取了两个教训,提出了一种替代的新颖方法来研究癌症的研究和治疗选择。首先,是柏拉图的辩证法,其中通过从两个相反的方向同时检查一种情况来揭示“真相”。其次,从《孙子兵法》的《条约》中,他建议,面对上级对手时,应对局势的一种方法是激怒他们,激怒他们,促使他们行动。第二种战术会使对手疲惫不堪,并向他们展示更有利的进攻环境。在本文中提出,也许可以通过首先辅助其生长并通过上述常见机制使转移至更有利于攻击的位置来转移癌症。



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