Venture Capital Firms Need Access to Government Coffers: Such Funding in the Past Has Had a Profound Impact on Job Creation and the Economy


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Congress and the executive branch are working feverishly to resolve the biggest financial crisis since the stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression. Unfortunately, as Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson commented in the November 17, 2008, edition of The New York Times, "There is no playbook for responding to turmoil we have never faced." Enormous effort is being devoted to devising game plans for buttressing financial institutions, protecting home mortgagors, salvaging the auto industry, grappling with unemployment, and responding to whatever emerges as the next big issue. Probably over a trillion dollars will be spent in solving or trying to solve this crisis, although a good portion of these funds may be repaid to the government upon the return to normal times.
机译:国会和行政部门正竭尽全力解决自1929年股市崩盘和大萧条以来最大的金融危机。不幸的是,正如财政部长亨利·保尔森(Henry Paulson)在2008年11月17日的《纽约时报》上发表的评论说:“没有应对我们从未遇到过的动荡的剧本。”人们正在投入巨大的精力来制定游戏计划,以支持金融机构,保护房屋抵押贷款人,拯救汽车业,应对失业以及应对下一个大问题。解决或试图解决这场危机的花费可能超过一万亿美元,尽管这些钱中有很大一部分可以在恢复正常时期后偿还给政府。



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