The geomorphological unit hydrograph from a historical-critical perspective


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In this paper we present a brief overview of geomorphological instantaneous unit hydrograph (GIUH) theories and analyze their successful path without hiding their limitations. The history of the GIUH is subdivided into three major sections. The first is based on the milestone works of Rodriguez-Iturbe and Valdes (Water Resources Research 1979; 15(6): 1409-1420) and Gupta et al. (Water Resources Research 1980; 16(5): 855-862), which recognized that a treatment of water discharges with travel times' could provide a rich interpretation of the theory of the instantaneous unit hydrograph (IUH). We show how this was possible, what assumptions were made, which of these assumptions can be relaxed, and which have become obsolete and been discarded. The second section focuses on the width-function-based IUH (WFIUH) approach and its achievements in assessing the interplay of the topology and geometry of the network with water dynamics. The limitations of the WFIUH approach are described, and a way to work around them is suggested. Finally, a new formal approach to estimating the water budget by travel times', which derives from a suitable use of the water budget equation and some hypotheses, has been introduced and disentangled. Copyright (c) 2015 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
机译:在本文中,我们简要概述了地貌瞬时单位水位图(GIUH)理论,并在不掩盖其局限性的情况下分析了它们的成功路径。 GIUH的历史分为三个主要部分。第一个是基于Rodriguez-Iturbe和Valdes(Water Resources Research 1979; 15(6):1409-1420)和Gupta等人的里程碑工作。 (Water Resources Research 1980; 16(5):855-862),该研究认识到,对具有出行时间的排水进行处理可以对瞬时单位水位图(IUH)的理论提供丰富的解释。我们展示了这是如何可能的,做出了哪些假设,哪些假设可以放宽,哪些已经过时并被丢弃。第二部分重点介绍基于宽度函数的IUH(WFIUH)方法及其在评估网络拓扑结构和几何结构与水动力学的相互作用方面的成就。描述了WFIUH方法的局限性,并提出了解决它们的方法。最后,引入了一种新的正式方法,该方法可以通过旅行时间估算水预算,这种方法是通过适当使用水预算方程和一些假设而得出的,并且没有纠结。版权所有(c)2015 John Wiley&Sons,Ltd.



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