Continuity and change for U.S. libraries in the digital age: How U.S. public and academic libraries are confronting the challenge of the digital library


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The french saying Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose seems particularly appropriate for libraries. Libraries are extraordinary institutions, they have persisted throughout the centuries and millennia despite the destructive forces of man and nature. There are far too many examples to cite, but a short list would include the Alexandrian Library in Egypt, the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, in 1812, and more recently, great libraries in Venice, Florence and Sarajevo. Libraries have survived the burning and censorship of books by those who considered the ideas they contained unacceptable. One recent and tragic example being the libraries of Afghanistan, which suffered heavily under the Taliban. Finally, libraries survive and will continue to survive despite predictions that they have no future because of the direct accessibility of the Internet, e-books, and other digital and electronic media.
机译:用法语加上加号更改,再加上c'est la meme似乎对图书馆特别合适。图书馆是非凡的机构,尽管存在着人与自然的破坏力,但它们在整个世纪和几千年中一直存在。有太多的例子可以引用,但简短的例子包括埃及的亚历山大图书馆,1812年的华盛顿国会图书馆,以及最近的威尼斯,佛罗伦萨和萨拉热窝的大型图书馆。那些认为书中包含的想法令人无法接受的人在图书馆的焚烧和审查中幸存下来。最近的一个悲惨例子是阿富汗的图书馆,在塔利班统治下遭受了沉重打击。最后,尽管人们预言由于互联网,电子书以及其他数字和电子媒体的直接可及性,图书馆将没有未来,但图书馆可以生存并且将继续生存。



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