Comparison of Two Innovative Strategies Using Augmented Reality for Communication in Aesthetic Dentistry: A Pilot Study


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During dental prosthetic rehabilitation, communication and conception are achieved using rigorous methodologies such as smile design protocols. The aim of the present pilot study was to compare two innovative strategies that used augmented reality for communication in dentistry. These strategies enable the user to instantly try a virtual smile proposition by taking a set of pictures from different points of view or by using the iPad as an enhanced mirror. Sixth-year dental students (n = 18, women =13, men = 5, mean age = 23.8) were included in this pilot study and were asked to answer a 5-question questionnaire studying the user experience using a visual analog scale (VAS). Answers were converted into a numerical result ranging from 0 to 100 for statistical analysis. Participants were not able to report a difference between the two strategies in terms of handling of the device (p = 0.45), quality of the reconstruction (p = 0.73), and fluidity of the software (p = 0.67). Even if the participants' experience with the enhanced mirror was more often reported as immersive and more likely to be integrated in a daily dental office practice, no significant increase was reported (p = 0.15 and p - 0.07). Further investigations are required to evaluate time and cost savings in daily practice. Software accuracy is also a major point to investigate in order to go further in clinical applications.
机译:在牙科假肢康复期间,使用诸如微笑设计协议的严格方法来实现沟通和概念。目前试点研究的目的是比较两种使用增强现实在牙科沟通的创新策略。这些策略使用户能够通过从不同的视角或使用iPad作为增强镜子来立即尝试虚拟微笑主张。六年牙科学生(n = 18,女性= 13,MEN = 5,平均年龄= 23.8)被列入了这项试点研究,并被要求回答一个5题问卷使用视觉模拟规模研究用户体验(VAS )。答案被转换为统计分析的0到100的数值结果。参与者无法在处理设备(P = 0.45),重建质量(P = 0.73)和软件的流动性(P = 0.67)之间进行两项策略之间的差异。即使参与者与增强镜子的经验更常见于沉浸性,更有可能在日常牙科办公实践中融为一体,所以没有报告显着增加(P = 0.15和P - 0.07)。需要进一步调查来评估日常实践中的时间和成本节约。软件准确性也是调查的主要目的,以便在临床应用中进一步进一步。



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