How to Deal with Negative Thoughts? A Preliminary Comparison of Detached Mindfulness and Thought Evaluation in Socially Anxious Individuals


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This study compared two techniques, detached mindfulness (DM) and thought evaluation (TE), for dealing with negative thoughts that are drawn from different treatment modalities. Twelve participants with high social anxiety practised each technique in a cross-over repeated measures design before giving a speech. It was predicted that each technique would be advantageous, but that DM would be superior to TE overall. Results showed that both techniques improved anxiety scores. DM led to reductions in the observer-perspective, negative beliefs, and anticipatory processing as well. The overall change attributed to DM was greater than that attributed to TE. The results also suggested that combining these techniques in certain ways might prove disadvantageous. Results are discussed in terms of the potential clinical implications.
机译:这项研究比较了两种方法,即超脱正念(DM)和思想评估(TE),用于处理从不同治疗方式中得出的负面思想。十二名社交焦虑较高的参与者在发表演讲之前,采用了交叉重复测量设计中的每种技术。据预测,每种技术都将是有利的,但是DM总体上将比TE更好。结果表明,两种技术均可以提高焦虑评分。 DM导致观察者视角,消极信念和预期处理的减少。归因于DM的总体变化大于归因于TE的变化。结果还表明,以某些方式组合这些技术可能被证明是不利的。就潜在的临床意义讨论了结果。



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