The Synergetic Effect of College Students' Ideological and Political Education and Mental Health Education




College and universities have a high degree of concern about the growth environment of students. In order to promote the growth of the effectiveness of college students' political thought and mental health, colleges and universities need to solve a large number of difficult problems. In this study, with the theory of synergy, college students' ideological and political education and mental health problems were studied; with the research methods of survey and analysis, the ideological and political quality of college students and their mental health were investigated and analyzed from several angles; the associative cognition and attitude of college students' ideological and political education and psychological form were discussed. The results show that the current political and mental health education in colleges and universities is not strong, and the growth environment of college students needs to be optimized. Therefore, the complementary education concept of ideological and psychological education was put forward, and an idea that the cooperative education and learning should be strengthened to give full play to the advantages of two parties to achieve the effect of collaborative education was proposed.



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