Planning review on residential environment of low rent housing: a method to solve low-rent housing space insufficiency in Tianjin, China




Globally, there has been a substantial increase in the number of people who are not able to buy their own dwellings due to the phenomenal appreciation of real estate prices in China. With the growing worldwide demand for low-rent housing and the importance of supporting and stimulating sustainable development, the need for sustainable solutions in the low-rent housing sector is at a peak. For achieving new design methods for low-rent housing, we attempted to employ a practical project to explore the residential environment from the viewpoint of the Chinese national green building standards and municipal low-rent housing policy. Firstly we investigate the low-rent housing residential area in Tianjin, China. After a questionnaire and interview of local residents has been conducted, the characteristics of the residential environment are analysed. We consider that the outdoor space of low rent housing could be diversified to partly fulfil interior functions, by which way the cost of the low-rent housing could be reduced to a certain extent.



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