Boho-Chic Style Utilizing for Fashionable Apparel Design




The convergence of art and fashion had already been fully developed many years ago. Today, they have combined together in a productive relationship that stimulates the creative expression of a new lifestyle. The term "Bohemian" has often been used to refer to the fashion and lifestyles of writers, artists, and other individuals who live outside of the norms and standards of other members of society. Bohemian fashion more recently developed to the term "Boho-Chic" that is largely inspired by the bohemian styles of the nineteenth century with some influences of recent fashion trends. It is a very appealing style that has found its way into a number of different fashions for women. The features of Boho-Chic are notable in that they can create some details that are very specific and unique around the build of an outfit or other kind of fashion. This style is one of the most interesting fashion styles of today which requires a great fashion sense to be able to put the right pieces together to create an enviable and unique look. In this research the fashion elements of this revival style are utilized in contemporary apparel designs, which reflect the aesthetic features of the Boho-Chic to connect the human with world and nature.
机译:艺术与时尚的融合已经在很多年前得到了充分发展。如今,他们已经以一种富有成效的关系合并在一起,激发了新生活方式的创造性表达。 “波希米亚人”一词通常用于指超出社会其他成员规范和标准生活的作家,艺术家和其他个人的时尚和生活方式。波西米亚时尚最近发展为“ Boho-Chic”一词,很大程度上受到19世纪波西米亚风格的启发,并受到近期时尚趋势的影响。这是一种非常吸引人的风格,已逐渐渗透到女性的多种时尚中。 Boho-Chic的功能很显着,因为它们可以创建一些细节,这些细节在服装或其他类型的服装周围非常具体和独特。这种风格是当今最有趣的时尚风格之一,它要求极好的时尚感,才能将正确的部件放在一起以创造令人羡慕的独特外观。在这项研究中,这种复兴风格的时尚元素被用于当代服装设计中,反映了波西米亚风尚的美学特征,将人与世界和自然联系在一起。



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