Simple analysis on application of plane design elements in indoor design




Within recent years, the plane design elements are applied in the indoor design more and more. The plane design is mainly to utilize the treatment and integration for color, graph and word so as to realize the purpose of communication for emotion and information. As a whole, the plane design is a kind of activity to serve for vision, how to optimally optimize the vision effect must be considered by the designer. this study defines such three application concepts as the plane design, indoor design and plane design elements, and then, the application characteristics of plane design elements in the indoor design are analyzed, mainly showing the such characteristics as distinctive layering, multi-level and diversificationand summarize the thought of plane design in the indoor design. On the presentation mode, the subjective initiative should be exerted; the application on technology should be more flexible and unique. In combination with such three kinds of elements as graph, color and word, the reasonable collocation and treatment shall be performed and the specific methods are raised. The study shows that, pertaining to the characteristic of indoor environment as well as spatial structure and form, the unique style and so-called personality can???t be pursued eyelessly; on the contrary, it is enabled to conform to spatial structure. The designer should organically fuse various design elements and create the excellent works full of aesthetics and visual impact feeling.



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