By the People, For the People: The Customer-Centric Government


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Over the past decade, competitive pressure has led private-sector organizations of all kinds to focus on the high-quality service delivery driven by customer insight. At the same time, the proliferation of new channels for sales, marketing, and service—notably contact centers, the Web, and direct marketing—has raised customer expectations. Increasingly, government organizations face similar pressures to cost-effectively deliver higher quality, more convenient services to citizens and business organizations. Learning lessons from private-sector counterparts, a growing number of these government services now consider the people and organizations they serve as customers. Most public sector organizations also recognize the need to drive customer service to new channels and cost-effectively reach customers in the ways they prefer. But many governments still struggle to integrate all channels in a way that delivers a consistent, seamless, and relevant customer experience—without increasing the costs of delivery. Rather than evaluating service-delivery effectiveness by channel-interaction volumes, a customer-focused channel strategy should align customer needs with those of the government organization. The result: efficiencies that can be passed back to customers through new services and enhanced programs.


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    《1 to 1 magazine》 |2005年第2期|p.36-37|共2页
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