A chronological review of empirical research on personal information privacy concerns: An analysis of contexts and research constructs


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As concerns about personal information privacy (PIP) continue to grow, an increasing number of studies have empirically investigated the phenomenon. However, researchers are not well informed about the shift of PIP research trends with time. In particular, there is a lack of understanding of what constructs have been studied in what contexts. As a result, researchers may design their study without sufficient guidance. This problem can lead to unproductive efforts in advancing PIP research. Therefore, it is important and timely to review prior PIP research to enhance our understanding of how it has evolved. We are particularly interested in understanding the chronological changes in contexts and research constructs studied. We use a chronological stage model of PIP research we develop, a set of contextual variables identified from prior literature, and the four-party PIP model suggested by Conger et al. (2013) as theoretical foundations to conduct a chronological literature review of empirical PIP concern studies. We find several PIP research trends during the last two decades, such as the quantity of PIP research has drastically increased; the variety of contexts and research constructs being studied has increased substantially; and many constructs have been studied only once while only a few have been repeatedly studied. We also find that the focus of PIP research has shifted from general/unspecified contexts to specific ones. We discuss the contributions of the study and recommendations for future research directions. We propose a fifth party as an emergent player in the ecosystem of PIP and call for future research that investigates it.
机译:随着对个人信息隐私(PIP)的关注持续增长,越来越多的研究已经从经验上研究了这一现象。但是,研究人员并未充分了解PIP研究趋势随时间的变化。尤其是,缺乏对在什么情况下研究过哪些结构的理解。结果,研究人员可能在没有足够指导的情况下设计研究。该问题可能导致在进行PIP研究方面进行非生产性的努力。因此,重要的和及时的是回顾以前的PIP研究,以加深我们对PIP如何发展的理解。我们对了解上下文和所研究结构的时间变化特别感兴趣。我们使用我们开发的PIP研究的时间顺序模型,从先前文献中识别出的一组上下文变量以及Conger等人建议的四方PIP模型。 (2013年)作为进行经验性PIP关注研究的时间顺序文献回顾的理论基础。在过去的二十年中,我们发现了一些PIP研究趋势,例如PIP研究的数量急剧增加;所研究的背景和研究结构的多样性已大大增加;许多构造只被研究了一次,而只有少数被反复研究。我们还发现,PIP研究的重点已经从一般/未指定的上下文转移到特定的上下文。我们讨论了这项研究的贡献以及对未来研究方向的建议。我们建议第三方作为PIP生态系统中的新兴参与者,并呼吁对其进行进一步研究。



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