A computational technique for the robust root locus


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In this paper, the authors present a modified method for generating multiparameter root loci of both continuous and discrete time systems. A more practical computational method for plotting the robust root locus is developed. The graph of the locations of the poles of the transfer function of the closed-loop system corresponding to each gain can be plotted readily and accurately with this method. The sensitivity of poles to the coefficients of the characteristic polynomial can thus be examined, and the appropriate tuning gain selected to achieve a better robustness. Also, a stricter bound of the zeros of the characteristic polynomial is given to further reduce the complexity of the computation of the robust root locus. The technique is applied to the design of robotic manipulators. Simulations of controller design for the PUMA 762 robot disk grinding process are included.
机译:在本文中,作者提出了一种用于生成连续和离散时间系统的多参数根基因座的改进方法。开发了一种用于绘制鲁棒根轨迹的更实用的计算方法。闭环系统传递函数的极点位置对应于每个增益的极点图可以通过这种方法轻松而准确地绘制出来。因此,可以检查极点对特征多项式系数的敏感性,并选择适当的调谐增益以实现更好的鲁棒性。而且,给出了特征多项式零的更严格的界限,以进一步降低鲁棒根轨迹的计算复杂度。该技术已应用于机器人操纵器的设计。包括用于PUMA 762机器人磨盘过程的控制器设计仿真。



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