Second-Harmonic Ripple Voltage Suppression of Integrated Single-Phase Pulsewidth Modulation Rectifier Charging System for EVs


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In single-phase ac battery chargers, pulsating power at twice of the line frequency is delivered by the ac source resulting in second-harmonic ripple voltage on the dc-link if additional passive or active filter (AF) circuits are not used. In this article, an inductance-based AF using the leakage inductance of the machine windings along with a current compensation control method is proposed. No additional passive components are required. The machine used in this article has a double-layer winding with a center tap in each phase and the winding structure of the machine is special in that the pulsating magnetomotive force of the whole phase winding can be cancelled when currents flow into the central tap. In this article, the operating principle and control strategy of the AF with the inductive energy storage are analyzed. Finally, a 400-W experimental prototype is developed and the experimental results are used to validate the performance and feasibility of the proposed converter and control strategy.
机译:在单相交流电池充电器中,如果不使用附加的无源或有源滤波器(AF)电路,则交流电源会以两倍于电源频率的脉动功率进行输出,从而在直流母线上产生二次谐波纹波电压。在本文中,提出了一种基于电感的AF,它利用了电机绕组的漏感以及电流补偿控制方法。无需其他无源组件。本文使用的电机具有一个在每个相中都有一个中心抽头的双层绕组,并且该电机的绕组结构的特殊之处在于,当电流流入中心抽头时,整个相绕组的脉动磁势可以抵消。本文分析了带有感应储能的自动对焦的工作原理和控制策略。最后,开发了一个400 W的实验原型,并将实验结果用于验证所提出的转换器和控制策略的性能和可行性。



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