Synthesis and Characterization of Bi-Magnetic Core/Shell Nanoparticles for Hyperthermia Applications


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Magnetic nanoparticles, which exhibit a high specific absorption rate (SAR), have drawn a great deal of interest for hyperthermia. Bi-magnetic CS-MNPs of ZnxCo1-xFe2O4@MnFe2O4 with x ranging between 0 and 0.8 have been synthesized by seed-mediated growth. Structural morphology and magnetic properties have been studied. This paper presents the effects of substitution of Zn2+ on the structural and magnetic properties of ZnxCo1-xFe2O4@MnFe2O4 nanoparticles. The structure and morphology of the CS-MNPs was established by using X-ray diffraction (XRD), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and dark field TEM (DF-TEM). XRD patterns confirm the existence of a single-phase cubic spinel crystal structure. The average particle size has been estimated from the statistical analysis of the TEM images. DF-TEM results confirmed the formation of CS-MNPs. Vibrating sample magnetometery demonstrated an increase in saturation magnetization with an increasing Zn concentration up to x = 0.4 and a decrease thereafter. High heating efficacy of CS-MNPs may extend hyperthermia therapy to deeper tumors. The experimental results showed that CS-MNPs have a higher SAR than the core ones. These nanoparticles are coupled-exchange between soft and hard magnetic phases.
机译:表现出高比吸收率(SAR)的磁性纳米粒子引起了热疗的极大兴趣。 ZnxCo1-xFe2O4 @ MnFe2O4的双磁性CS-MNPs通过种子介导的生长合成。已经研究了结构形态和磁性。本文介绍了Zn2 +的取代对ZnxCo1-xFe2O4 @ MnFe2O4纳米粒子的结构和磁性的影响。 CS-MNPs的结构和形态是通过X射线衍射(XRD),透射电子显微镜(TEM)和暗场TEM(DF-TEM)建立的。 XRD图谱证实了单相立方尖晶石晶体结构的存在。从TEM图像的统计分析估计了平均粒径。 DF-TEM结果证实了CS-MNP的形成。振动样品磁力计表明饱和磁化强度随Zn浓度的增加而增加,直至x = 0.4,此后减小。 CS-MNP的高加热功效可能会将热疗扩展到更深的肿瘤。实验结果表明,CS-MNP的SAR比核心的更高。这些纳米粒子在软磁性相和硬磁性相之间进行耦合交换。



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