Current-Direction-Dependent Depinning of Vortex Domain Walls in Permalloy Zigzag Nanowires


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We investigate the current induced depinning of magnetic domain walls (DWs) trapped at the kinks in a patterned Py nanowire with two-kink zigzag shape on Si/SiO 2 substrate. By injecting pulse current with varying amplitude, two threshold current densities with a slight difference of around $6 imes 10^{10}$ A m −2 have been determined according to the different depinning process. The smaller threshold current density corresponds to the depinning of a single DW which is always the first DW facing to the electron flow. This fact indicates that the different pinning potential caused by the structural asymmetry is not the key to determine which DW is to depin. Micromagnetic simulations provide evidence that the specific current-driven behavior of the vortex DW might account for the single depinning process. The larger threshold corresponds to the simultaneous depinning of two DWs which has been commonly observed in a variety of shaped nanowires. This asynchronous depinning phenomenon provides the possibility of the selective DW depinning in the future logic devices.
机译:我们研究了在图案化的PY纳米线上捕获的电流诱导的磁畴壁(dws)的磁畴壁(dws)的磁畴壁(dws),在Si / sio 2 基板。通过将脉冲电流注入不同幅度,两个阈值电流密度,差异差异<内联公式XMLNS:MML =“http://www.w3.org/1998/math/mathml”xmlns:xlink =“http: //www.w3.org/1999/xlink“> $ 6 times 10 ^ {10} $ a m -2 已根据不同的分解过程。较小的阈值电流密度对应于单个DW的脱落,其总是将第一DW面向电子流程。这一事实表明,由结构不对称引起的不同的钉扎电位不是确定DW的键。微磁性模拟提供了证据表明,涡旋DW的特定电流驱动行为可能会占单一的分解过程。较大的阈值对应于在各种形状纳米线中经常观察到的两个DW的同时脱落。这种异步的脱落现象提供了未来逻辑设备中选择性DW脱落的可能性。



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