Learning style instruments: reasons why research evidence might have a weak influence on practitioner choice


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Whilst there has been much debate about learning styles in the literature there has been little research identifying which instruments are the most popular with Human Resource Development (HRD) practitioners or proposing reasons for popularity. This article aims to close this gap by reporting on a research project that investigated these issues (Waters, R. 2010. Influences on professional practice: The HRD practitioner and their choice of learning style questionnaire. DSocSci thesis, University of Leicester). Data were collected through a mixed method study drawing on semi-structured interviews and an on-line survey. The results of this research showed that the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) was the most popular learning style instrument amongst those surveyed. Further analysis suggested that brand strength, consumer and cognitive lock-in are important factors influencing HRD practitioner choice. A model of the decision-making process is then proposed drawing on the Bases of Action model (Bhaskar, R. 1998. Facts and values: Theory and practice. In Critical realism: Essential readings, ed. M. Archer, R. Bhaskar, A. Collier, T. Lawson, and A. Norrie. Abingdon: Routledge). This model helps to explain why research evidence is generally less influential on practitioner choice of learning style instrument than brand strength, consumer and cognitive lock-in.
机译:尽管在文献中有关学习风格的争论很多,但很少有研究确定哪种工具最受人力资源开发(HRD)的从业者欢迎或提出普及的理由。本文旨在通过报告一个研究这些问题的研究项目来弥补这一差距(Waters,R.2010。对专业实践的影响:HRD从业者及其学习风格问卷的选择。莱斯特大学DSocSci论文)。通过基于半结构化访谈和在线调查的混合方法研究收集数据。这项研究的结果表明,迈尔斯-布里格斯类型指标(MBTI)是被调查者中最受欢迎的学习风格工具。进一步的分析表明,品牌实力,消费者和认知锁定是影响HRD从业者选择的重要因素。然后根据行动模型(Bhaskar,R.1998。事实与价值观:理论与实践。在批判现实主义中:必读,M。Archer,R. Bhaskar编辑)建立了决策过程模型。 A. Collier,T。Lawson和A. Norrie。Abingdon:Routledge)。该模型有助于解释为什么研究证据通常对从业者选择学习风格工具的影响比对品牌实力,消费者和认知锁定的影响小。



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