Modeling of complex gas distribution systems operating under any vacuum conditions: Simulations of the ITER divertor pumping system


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An integrated software tool for modeling and simulation of complex gas distribution systems operating under any vacuum conditions is presented and validated. The algorithm structure includes (a) the input geometrical and operational data of the network, (b) the definition of the fundamental set of network loops and pseudoloops, (c) the formulation and solution of the mass and energy conservation equations, (d) the kinetic data base of the flow rates for channels of any length in the whole range of the Knudsen number, supporting, in an explicit manner, the solution of the conservation equations and (e) the network output data (mainly node pressures and channel flow rates/conductance). The code validity is benchmarked under rough vacuum conditions by comparison with hydrodynamic solutions in the slip regime. Then, its feasibility, effectiveness and potential are demonstrated by simulating the ITER torus vacuum system with the six direct pumps based on the 2012 design of the ITER divertor. Detailed results of the flow patterns and paths in the cassettes, in the gaps between the cassettes and along the divertor ring, as well as of the total throughput for various pumping scenarios and dome pressures are provided. A comparison with previous results available in the literature is included. (c) 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
机译:提出并验证了用于在任何真空条件下运行的复杂气体分配系统进行建模和仿真的集成软件工具。算法结构包括(a)网络的输入几何和操作数据,(b)网络回路和伪回路的基本集合的定义,(c)质量和能量守恒方程的公式和解,(d)克努森数整个范围内任意长度的通道流速的动力学数据库,以显式方式支持守恒方程的解和(e)网络输出数据(主要是节点压力和通道流量)费率/电导)。通过在滑移状态下与流体动力解决方案进行比较,可在恶劣的真空条件下对代码有效性进行基准测试。然后,通过基于ITER分流器2012年设计的六个直接泵对ITER环形真空系统进行仿真,证明了其可行性,有效性和潜力。提供了卡式盒中,卡式盒之间的间隙以及沿分流器环的流动模式和路径的详细结果,以及各种泵送情况和圆顶压力的总流量。包括与文献中现有结果的比较。 (c)2015 Elsevier B.V.保留所有权利。



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