Oscilloscopes Morph to the Delight of Users


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These four examples emphasize the difficulty of defining and evaluating the UDI. A high UDI rating may depend upon detailed characteristics—subheadings—within any of the main categories shown in Figure 1. Other factors, such as the manufacturer's application support or his repair and warranty policies, can delight or frustrate a user and that, too, may affect his scope's UDI. At a higher level, the oscilloscope market has segmented into a rich mix of bench, hand-held, rack-mount, PC-based, and special-purpose test instruments. Within each of these major sections, manufacturers provide several platforms from which a multiplicity of products are offered. For example, improved display, integrated circuit, and battery technologies have enabled smaller, lighter, por- table scopes, but field applications have driven the market for them. Communications and power are two areas where rapid growth and new specifications have created a large demand for on-site test tools. Hybrid instruments also have a place. Brad Byrum, general manager of the Yokogawa test and measurement division, explained: "Our Model DL708E ScopeCorder has the triggering, man-machine interface, and zoom capabilities of a DSO; the triggering and high channel count of a logic analyzer; and the high-resolution, signal-conditioned front-end measuring capabilities of an oscillographic recorder. It can simultaneously measure thermocouples, digital logic inputs, and 10-bit analog waveforms." Divergence from a one-size-fits-all mentality clearly is the approach the scope industry has taken to improve customers' UDI ratings. Proliferation of a wide variety of scopes and scope-like products will be supported in the future by new technologies such as system on a chip (SoC), very-highspeed microprocessors and memories, and computer bus standards.
机译:这四个示例强调了定义和评估UDI的困难。较高的UDI评分可能取决于图1所示的任何主要类别中的详细特征(子标题)。其他因素(例如制造商的应用程序支持或他的维修和保修政策)也会使用户感到高兴或沮丧,并且,可能会影响其示波器的UDI。在更高的水平上,示波器市场已细分为台式,手持式,机架安装式,基于PC的和专用测试仪器的丰富组合。在每个主要部分中,制造商都提供了几个平台,从这些平台可以提供多种产品。例如,改进的显示,集成电路和电池技术可以实现更小,更轻便的示波器,但现场应用推动了它们的市场。通信和电源是快速增长和新规范对现场测试工具产生大量需求的两个领域。混合动力仪表也有地位。横河电机测试和测量部门总经理Brad Byrum解释说:“我们的DL708E ScopeCorder型号具有DSO的触发,人机界面和缩放功能;逻辑分析仪的触发和高通道数;以及分辨率的信号记录仪前端信号测量功能,可以同时测量热电偶,数字逻辑输入和10位模拟波形。”显然,与“一刀切”的思维方式背道而驰是示波器行业用来提高客户的UDI评级的方法。未来将通过诸如片上系统(SoC),超高速微处理器和存储器以及计算机总线标准之类的新技术来支持各种示波器和类似示波器的产品的扩散。


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