Human resource management under change in the Romanian civil service in an international context


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Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to present a number of initiatives which have been spearheaded by the Romanian government in the field of HRM in the civil service. A more specific purpose is to determine the modelling strategy which best reflects the reform programme of HRM in the civil service, the topic of our study.rnDesign/raethodology/approach - This paper attempts to supplement existing research into New Public Management (NPM) by outlining the modernisation of a range of public HR functions in the country, and it would like to explain how this special issue arose, to provide a historical perspective for the work undertaken by the Romanian National Civil Servant Agency (NACS) and to outline the context and significance of each of the attempts at modernisation in the HRM field. Findings - Empirical evidence shows that the centralised Romanian civil service is in need of serious change if it is to deliver a more efficient and less politically driven level of practice. Many external and internal organisational forces such as the demographics of the labour-force, technology and privatisation - as well as the erosion of confidence in government institutions have drastically altered the environment of the civil service in Romania. Consequently, traditional Human Resource Management (HRM) approaches no longer work.rnPractical implications - At this point, in the authors' opinion, the time has come to devote more attention to decentralisation and to formulating the terms of so-called best or good practice.rnOriginality/value - The paper seeks to bridge the gap by reporting on the research and consulting work of the authors in the Romanian civil service.
机译:目的-本文的目的是介绍罗马尼亚政府在公务员系统人力资源管理领域所率先采取的许多举措。更具体的目的是确定最能反映公务员制度中人力资源管理改革计划的建模策略,这是我们研究的主题。设计/种族学/方法-本文试图通过以下方式补充对新公共管理(NPM)的现有研究:概述了该国一系列公共人力资源职能的现代化,并希望解释这一特殊问题是如何产生的,为罗马尼亚国家公务员局(NACS)开展的工作提供历史视角并概述背景在人力资源管理领域进行现代化尝试的意义和重要性。调查结果-经验证据表明,集中的罗马尼亚公务员制度若要提供更有效和较少政治驱动的实践水平,则需要进行重大改革。许多外部和内部组织力量,例如劳动力人口,技术和私有化,以及对政府机构信心的削弱,大大改变了罗马尼亚的公务员环境。因此,传统的人力资源管理(HRM)方法不再起作用。实践意义-在这一点上,作者认为,现在应该更加重视分权和制定所谓的最佳实践或最佳实践的术语。 .rnOriginality / value-本文试图通过报告罗马尼亚公务员制度下作者的研究和咨询工作来弥合差距。



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