Development trends in practical training of college students in the context of digital transformation of education




The study proves the key role of practical training as a basic constituent of the content of secondary vocational education, represented by both apical and implicit components. The study’s goal is to identify and highlight the development trends of practical training of college students in the new digital society. The study was carried out on the basis of the Polytechnic College No. 8 and the Russian State Agrarian University – Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy. Basic methods involved the analysis of scientific and pedagogical literature, regulatory documents, SWOT analysis, generalization, observation, pedagogical experiment. The authors make a strong case for improving the practice-oriented component of vocational education in the context of it digital transformation. For this purpose, network interaction is actively implemented as a prototype of the dual education system. Analyzing the case of a polytechnic college, the authors show the advantages of using computer models in the process of practical preparation, including the SinuTrain program, which can fully simulate the operation of numerically controlled metal-working machines on a personal computer. In the context of the digital transformation of education, an important trend is the use of VR/AR technologies in the training process. The paper outlines the effectiveness of cooperation between the college and partner enterprises in preparing students for the demonstration exam. The authors prove the necessity of transforming practical training in colleges into a system of dual education on the basis of network interaction. This can be implemented in the form of study and production clusters.
机译:这项研究证明了实践培训的重要作用为中等职业教育的内容的基本构成,双方顶和隐含的组件表示。这项研究的目标是在新的数字化社会来识别和突出的在校大学生的实际训练的发展趋势。莫斯科米里亚泽夫农业科学院 - 这项研究是在理工大学第8和俄罗斯国家农业大学的基础上进行的。基本方法都需要对科学和教育文献,规范性文件,SWOT分析,概括,观察,实验教学的分析。作者们为提高职业教育的实践导向的成分在里面数字化转型的背景下,强烈的情况下。为此,网络互动正在积极为原型的双教育体系的实施。分析理工学院的情况下,作者显示了使用在实际制备过程的计算机模型,包括版SinuTrain中程序,它可以完全模拟一台个人电脑上的数控金属加工机床的操作的优点。在教育数字化转型的背景下,一个重要的趋势是在训练过程中使用VR / AR技术。本文概述了高校与企业的合作伙伴之间的合作,在帮助学生准备演示考试的有效性。作者证明转化高校实践训练成双教育网络互动的基础上,系统的必要性。这可以在研究和生产集群的形式来实现。



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