Research on the Protection and Inheritance of Opera Art in Linchuan Area Based on the Effectiveness Analysis of Witch Elements in Big Data Era




Opera art, which is a cultural symbol and life memory of a nation and a region, is the cultural root of people’s homesickness, which combines various artistic elements such as excellent music, dance and poetry of the Chinese nation. Witchcraft custom, which has appeared since the primitive human period, is a series of activities made by human beings to try to explain some phenomena in daily life, and to predict, influence and control the development of implementation objects with the help of illusory supernatural forces. Witches and artists have the same line of thinking-similar social identity, state in action and functions. Get the wizard thinking characteristics of the artist, and how the artist, a stealth wizard, makes the works show the same effect as witchcraft ceremony. From the perspective of big data, this paper analyzes the protection and inheritance of opera art in Linchuan area based on the effectiveness of witchcraft elements, and examines the limitations of traditional means to protect and develop opera art, aiming at protecting and inheriting the inherent folk culture of the Chinese nation.


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    《E3S Web of Conferences》 |2020年第10期|共5页
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