Empreendedorismo e ativismo cultural nas periferias brasileiras = Entrepreneurship and cultural activism in brazilian peripheries




Entrepreneurship and cultural activism in brazilian peripheries. Periferias, favelas, hills, areas of special interest, subnormal clusters, margins. There are several expressions used in Brazil to name regions of the city in order to demarcate their alterity in relation to the "centers". Place of the fault (of services, opportunities, public policies, State), of violence, of the "plundering" in opposition to the places of the city where the social life that matters. The peripheral regions have always been seen as places of "authenticity", of cultural richness, of the sonority of samba, of popular inventiveness, of struggle and resistance. In the last decade, this positive image has been fed by the diffusion and effervescence of artistic and cultural practices (hip hop, graffiti, sarahs, theater collectives, new dance styles, audiovisual production), as well as by a discursive regime aimed at celebrating "creative" abilities and the enterprising talents of its residents. In the context of neoliberal rationality, these supposedly "resilient" virtues became the model of "good practices". In the text, I propose to describe the peripheral cultural scene and its multiple assemblages, in the context of the profound transformations that occurred in Brazilian cities in the years of the governments of the Workers' Party. In particular argument about the emergence of a new figure of worker, the cultural entrepreneur activist and his "career would run," that is, the specific ways in which his work activities and militancy decline.
机译:巴西周边地区的企业家精神和文化行动主义。 Periferias,贫民窟,丘陵,特别感兴趣的地区,亚正常星团,边缘。在巴西使用几种表达方式来命名城市区域,以区分其相对于“中心”的变化。 (服务,机会,公共政策,国家)的过失,暴力,“掠夺”的过错的发生地点,与重要的社会生活所在的城市相反。周边地区一直被视为“真实性”,文化丰富性,桑巴舞风,流行的创造力,斗争和抵抗的地方。在过去的十年中,这种积极的形象源于艺术和文化习俗的传播和冒泡(嘻哈,涂鸦,莎拉,剧院集体,新舞蹈风格,视听制作)以及旨在庆祝的话语权制度。居民的“创造”能力和进取心。在新自由主义理性的背景下,这些所谓的“弹性”美德成为“良好实践”的典范。在本文中,我建议以工人党政府执政期间巴西城市发生的深刻变革为背景,来描述外围文化场景及其多种多样的组合。特别是关于出现新的工人形象的争论,文化企业家激进主义者和他的“职业将运行”,即他的工作活动和好战情绪下降的具体方式。



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