2017 Writing Contest Undergraduate Winner: Pathways to Preventable Hospitalizations for Filipino Patients with Diabetes and Heart Disease in Hawai‘i




Filipinos are one of the fastest growing Asian ethnic groups in the United States, yet little is known about how to specifically address the varying health needs of the Filipino community with diabetes and heart disease. This is a problem because rates of potentially preventable hospitalizations (PPH) are high for Filipinos with these conditions. A PPH is a hospitalization that could potentially have been avoided with better access to quality primary care. Patients over 21 years of age with heart disease or diabetes and who were hospitalized at the Queen's Medical Center with a PPH were recruited to complete a face-to-face interview eliciting the patients' perspectives on key factors leading to this hospitalization (n=102). This study focused on a subset of Filipino patients (n=21). Two independent coders reviewed interviews to identify factors leading to their PPH. A majority of the Filipino respondents identified social vulnerabilities as the most common factor that led to their hospitalization, including financial challenges, limited social support, and life instability. Many respondents also noted challenges with the healthcare system as precipitating their hospitalization, including poor communication/coordination, management plan issues, and bad experience with their healthcare providers. Cultural and language barriers were also identified by Filipino patients as challenges leading to their hospitalizations. These findings emphasize the importance of considering patients' perspectives of the barriers they face inside and outside of healthcare facilities.
机译:菲律宾人是美国增长最快的亚洲种族之一,但对于如何专门解决菲律宾人患有糖尿病和心脏病的各种健康需求知之甚少。这是一个问题,因为在这些情况下,菲律宾人的潜在可预防住院率(PPH)高。 PPH是可以通过更好地获得优质初级保健而可以避免的住院治疗。招募了21岁以上患有心脏病或糖尿病的患者,并在皇后区医疗中心接受PPH住院治疗,以完成面对面的访谈,以了解患者对导致这种住院的关键因素的看法(n = 102) )。这项研究的重点是菲律宾患者的一部分(n = 21)。两名独立编码员审查了访谈,以找出导致其PPH的因素。大多数菲律宾受访者认为社会脆弱性是导致他们住院的最常见因素,包括经济挑战,有限的社会支持和生活不稳定。许多受访者还指出,由于急需住院治疗,医疗体系面临的挑战包括沟通/协调不力,管理计划问题以及与医疗提供者的不良经历。菲律宾患者还认为文化和语言障碍是导致住院的挑战。这些发现强调了考虑患者对他们在医疗机构内外面临的障碍的观点的重要性。



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