The Bromley by Bow Centre: harnessing the power of community




The Bromley by Bow Centre was described by Lord Mawhinney, a previous health minister, as ‘one of the most impressive displays of social entrepreneurship anywhere in Europe’ . It is a hive of energy, and the building, with its quirky architecture and lack of almost anything recognisably ‘National Health Service’, is undeniably intriguing. With its welcoming café and bright open spaces, it felt more like somewhere you might go to grab a coffee, catch up with friends, or even relax on a day off. Despite its humble East End beginnings, the centre is now an internationally renowned charity that receives visitors from around the world, most recently the Singaporean Health Minister as well as healthcare leaders from China, South Africa, and the Netherlands. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s the first sunny day in months or an afternoon off work, but there’s a palpable excitement among the GP VTS group. Could this be what our future looks like? I remain a tad sceptical though. One of us has to be. …
机译:前卫生部长Mawhinney勋爵将Bow Center的Bromley描述为“欧洲任何地方最令人印象深刻的社会企业家精神展示之一”。它是一个充满活力的场所,具有古怪的建筑风格且几乎没有任何可识别的“国家卫生服务”的建筑令人着迷。凭借其温馨的咖啡厅和明亮的开放空间,感觉更像是您可以去喝咖啡,与朋友见面甚至在休息一天放松的地方。尽管该中心始于东端,但它现在已是国际知名的慈善机构,接待了来自世界各地的游客,最近接待的是新加坡卫生部长以及来自中国,南非和荷兰的医疗保健领导人。我不确定是否是因为这是几个月来的第一个晴天,或者是下班后的一个下午,但是GP VTS小组中的激动人心。这会是我们的未来吗?我仍然有点怀疑。我们其中之一必须是。 …



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