Sujeito-trama do turismo: Reflex?es sobre a subjetividade contemporanea e suas implica??es para a pesquisa do turismo




This paper proposes a plot subject concept that considers the complexity of contemporary?subjectivity and its implications for tourism. It addresses the machinic subjectivation gear in the processes?of tourism deterritorializations in times of internationalization, globalization, and giving new meanings to?the relationships with tourist and life production destinations. It is a transdisciplinary approach involving?the fields of tourism; subjectivity, especially schizoanalysis in this case; and the epistemology of science,?according to authors that discuss the contemporary systemic complexity. It is the product of research?on subjectivity, communications, and touriso at S?o Paulo University, University of Caxias do Sul, and?University of Amazonas. The text also brings indicators about research methodology practices involving the?plot subjects of tourism consistent with science’s changing scene. The makeup of the chaosmotic subjective?field is also presented as a result of media-socioeconomic-political and cultural intermediations.? Keywords : Tourism; Subjectivity; Deterritorialization; Chaosmosis; Mediatization.



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