Value of Antiquity in the Restoration Process of the Art Nouveau Villa Duelfer in Barlinek/ Warto?? Dawno?ci W Procesie Renowacji Secesyjnej Willi Architekta W Barlinku




The value assigned to time-worn objects and buildings seems crucial to a conservator’s theoretical beliefs. The notion of antiquity is almost imprinted in the structure of the building itself, as well as in the concept of the time that has lapsed since the erection of the building. The head of the restoration project of the 1908 art nouveau Villa Duelfer, in Barlinek, which gradually fell into ruin after the war, presents how, in practice, this idea of antiquity was respected in that project. On the hundredth anniversary of the construction of the villa, the building, commonly referred to as the ‘Pa?acyk Cebulowy‘, has lived to see its revival by sustaining its primary residential function, its architectural form and its historic values, in an urban context.
机译:分配给陈旧的物品和建筑物的价值似乎对保护者的理论信念至关重要。古代的概念几乎刻印在建筑物本身的结构中,以及从建筑物竖立起已经过去的时间的概念中。 1908年在巴利纳克(Barlinek)的新艺术风格别墅杜尔弗(Villa Duelfer)修复项目的负责人在战后逐渐沦为废墟,他提出了在实践中如何尊重这一古代概念。在别墅建造一百周年之际,这座建筑(通常被称为“ Pa?acyk Cebulowy”)通过在城市中维持其主要住宅功能,建筑形式和历史价值而活着看到复兴上下文。



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