The influence of stimulus format on drawing—a functional imaging study of decision making in portrait drawing




To copy a natural visual image as a line drawing, visual identification and extraction of features in the image must be guided by top-down decisions, and is usually influenced by prior knowledge. In parallel with other behavioral studies testing the relationship between eye and hand movements when drawing, we report here a functional brain imaging study in which we compared drawing of faces and abstract objects: the former can be strongly guided by prior knowledge, the latter less so. To manipulate the difficulty in extracting features to be drawn, each original image was presented in four formats including high contrast line drawings and silhouettes, and as high and low contrast photographic images. We confirmed the detailed eye–hand interaction measures reported in our other behavioral studies by using in-scanner eye-tracking and recording of pen movements with a touch screen. We also show that the brain activation pattern reflects the changes in presentation formats. In particular, by identifying the ventral and lateral occipital areas that were more highly activated during drawing of faces than abstract objects, we found a systematic increase in differential activation for the face-drawing condition, as the presentation format made the decisions more challenging. This study therefore supports theoretical models of how prior knowledge may influence perception in untrained participants, and lead to experience-driven perceptual modulation by trained artists.
机译:要将自然视觉图像复制为线条图,图像的视觉识别和特征提取必须遵循自上而下的决定,并且通常受先验知识的影响。与其他测试绘画时眼睛和手部运动之间的关系的行为研究同时,我们在这里报告了一项功能性大脑成像研究,在该研究中我们比较了面孔和抽象对象的绘画:前者可以由先验知识强烈指导,后者则少一些。 。为了处理提取要绘制的特征的困难,每个原始图像都以四种格式显示,包括高对比度线条图和轮廓,以及高对比度和低对比度摄影图像。通过使用扫描仪内的眼动追踪和通过触摸屏记录笔的运动,我们证实了在其他行为研究中报告的详细的手眼互动措施。我们还表明,大脑激活模式反映了呈现格式的变化。特别是,通过识别在面部绘制过程中比抽象对象被激活程度更高的腹侧和外侧枕骨区域,我们发现针对面部绘制情况的差异激活在系统上有所增加,因为显示格式使决策更具挑战性。因此,本研究支持有关先验知识如何影响未经培训的参与者的感知并导致受过培训的艺术家进行经验驱动的感知调节的理论模型。



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