Global snapshot of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the research activities of materials scientists between Spring and Autumn 2020




We conducted a global survey on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the research activities of materials scientists by distributing a questionnaire on 9 October 2020 with a response deadline of 23 October 2020. The questions covered issues such as access to labs, effectiveness of online conferences, and effects on doctoral students for the period covering the first lockdowns until the relaxation of restrictions in late September 2020 in many countries. The survey also included online interviews with eminent materials scientists who shared their local experiences during this period. The interviews were compiled as a series of audio conversations for The STAM Podcast that is freely available worldwide. Our findings included that the majority of institutes were not prepared for such a crisis; researchers in China, Japan, and Singapore were able to resume research much quicker – for example after approximately one month in Japan – than their counterparts in the US and Europe after the first lockdowns; researchers adapted to using virtual teleconferencing to maintain contact with colleagues; and doctoral students were the hardest hit by the pandemic with deep concerns about completing their research and career prospects. We hope that the analysis from this survey will enable the global materials science community to learn from each other’s experiences and move forward from the unprecedented circumstances created by the pandemic.
机译:我们对Covid-19流行对材料科学家研究活动的影响,通过2020年10月9日的回复截止日期,对材料科学家的研究活动进行了全球调查。该问题涵盖了获得实验室,有效性等问题在线会议和对博士生的影响,为覆盖第一个锁定的时期,直到9月下旬在许多国家的限制放松。该调查还包括在此期间与杰出材料科学家的在线访谈中,他们在此期间分享了当地体验。面试被编制为全球自由可用的STAM Podcast的一系列音频对话。我们的调查结果包括,大多数机构都没有为此类危机做好准备;中国,日本和新加坡的研究人员能够更快地恢复研究 - 例如在日本大约一个月之后 - 比在第一次锁定后的美国和欧洲的同行;研究人员适用于使用虚拟电话会议以与同事保持联系;博士生是大流行中最严重的袭击,深入关注完成他们的研究和职业前景。我们希望这项调查的分析将使全球材料科学界能够从彼此的经验中学到,并从大流行所产生的前所未有的情况前进。



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