The Cathaysia Flora and the Mixed Late Permian Cathaysian-Angaran Floras in East Asia


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机译:The Cathaysia flora, one of the most prominent floras of the Carboniferous and Permian, was mainly distributed in East Asia and was characterized by numerous endemic elements. China is one of the most important localities of the Cathaysia flora and it is also the center of origin of this flora. This paper reviews and discusses the characteristics of the Cathaysia flora and the biogeographically mixed Permian Cathaysian-Angaran floras of East Asia. In addition, the formative mechanism of the mixed Permian floras is also discussed.


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    《植物学报(英文版)》 |2006年第004期|381-389|共9页
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    State Key Laboratory of Geological Processes and Mineral Resources China University of Geosciences Beijing 100083 China;

    Key Laboratory of Lithosphere Tectonics and Lithoprobing Technology of the Ministry of Education China University of Geosciences Beijing 100083 China;

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    Cathaysia flora; East Asia; mixed floras; Permian;

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