Analysis of photoluminescence decay of excitons in CuInS_2 crystals


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The time-resolved photoluminescence of free and bound excitons in bulk single-crystal CuInS_2 grown by the traveling heater method is examined. It is found that radiative decay of the free exciton at 1.535 eV and the bound exciton at 1.530 eV is exponential with two characteristic decay-times while that of the bound excitons at 1.525 and 1.520 eV is well-represented by a single exponent at low temperatures. The radiative lifetimes of the free exciton and the bound excitons at 1.530, 1.525, and 1.520 eV are obtained to be 320 ps, 500 ps, 2.1 ns, and 3.5 ns, respectively. A thermal release process of the observed bound excitons is discussed in terms of the obtained activation energy. The capture center cross-section for free exciton is also estimated. According to our estimates, a neutral charge is to be assigned to the defect centers associated with the observed bound excitons.
机译:研究了通过行进加热器法生长的块状单晶CuInS_2中游离和束缚激子的时间分辨光致发光。发现在1.535 eV处自由激子的辐射衰减和在1.530 eV处的束缚激子的辐射衰减具有两个特征衰减时间,而在1.525 e和1.520 eV处的束缚激子的辐射衰减由低温下的单个指数很好地表示。 。游离激子和结合激子在1.530、1.525和1.520 eV的辐射寿命分别为320 ps,500 ps,2.1 ns和3.5 ns。根据获得的活化能讨论了观察到的结合激子的热释放过程。还估计了自由激子的俘获中心截面。根据我们的估计,将中性电荷分配给与观察到的结合激子相关的缺陷中心。



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