'Single photons' have not been detected. The alternative 'photon clump' model


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There continues to be a common belief that the registration of single photographic grains or emission of single photo electrons at a time validates the assertion that the interference and diffraction patterns are built through the contribution of individual photons (hv). A careful analysis of the past literature indicates that these experiments actually were not able to ascertain that one photon at a time interacted with the photo detector. This paper reviews a series of experiments carried out during the early eighties, which suggest that the simultaneous presence of multiple photons (multiple units of hv) makes possible the registration of a single photographic blackening spot or the emission of a single photoelectron. The congruency with the paradigm of "wave-particle duality" is now better maintained by assuming that the photons, after they are emitted and then propagate from the source, develop the "bunching" property, which we proposed as a "photon clump" in 1985 and explained with a plausible extension of the Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle.
机译:人们一直普遍认为,一次照相颗粒的配准或一次光电子的发射证明了干涉和衍射图谱是通过单个光子(hv)的贡献而建立的。对过去文献的仔细分析表明,这些实验实际上无法确定一个光子一次与光电探测器相互作用。本文回顾了八十年代初进行的一系列实验,这些实验表明同时存在多个光子(hv的多个单位)使单个照相发黑点的配准或单个光电子的发射成为可能。现在,假设光子在发射后从源传播然后发展为“聚束”性质,我们可以更好地保持与“波粒二象性”范式的一致性,我们将其称为“光子团”。 1985年,并以合理的方式扩展了海森堡的不确定性原理。


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