The leibniz-labor ams facility at the christian-albrechts-university, kiel, germany


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The AMS facility of the Leibniz-Labor fur Altersbestimmung und Isotopenforschung of the Christian-Albrechts Universitat is based on a 3 MV Tandetron from High Voltage Engineering Europa (HVEE) with a single cesigum spuuter ion source and a separator/recombinator for simultaneous injecton of the three isotopic carbon beams. The AMS system is similar to those at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, U.S.A., and the University of Groningen, The Netherland, but it has some ew features based on experience at these two facilities. These include improved vacuum seals, beam diagnostics, X-ray and background suppression as well as a more reliable system control through a PLC-unit with a serial line to the main system computer. The open system design of the beam optics allows significant horizontal and vertical movement of the ion beams without loss to the walls of the system. This leads to plateaus in the response of the isotope beams and ratios to changing values of various ion optical elements. Combined with highly stable power supplies, this gives reproducible measurements. Strong discrimination of unwanted ions results in low background count rates in the detector, equivalent to an apparent age of 75000 years at present, in spite of the open architecture. Routine measurements since late January 1996 (to late September 1996) have dated 490 unknown samples, mostly foraminifera.
机译:克里斯蒂安-阿尔布雷希茨大学(University-Albrechts Universitat)的Leibniz-Labor Furs Altersbestimmung和Isotopenforschung的AMS设备基于高压工程公司Europa(HVEE)的3 MV Tandetron,带有单个铯离子喷雾源和分离器/重组器,用于同时注入三个同位素碳束。 AMS系统类似于美国伍兹霍尔海洋研究所和荷兰格罗宁根大学的系统,但基于这两个机构的经验,它具有一些功能。这些措施包括改进的真空密封,束诊断,X射线和背景抑制,以及通过带有串行线的PLC单元到主系统计算机的更可靠的系统控制。束光学器件的开放式系统设计允许离子束在水平方向和垂直方向上显着运动,而不会损失系统壁。这导致同位素束和比率对各种离子光学元件的变化值的响应达到平稳状态。结合高度稳定的电源,可提供可重复的测量结果。尽管采用开放式结构,但对有害离子的强分辨力会导致检测器的背景计数率降低,相当于目前的表观年龄为75000年。自1996年1月下旬(至1996年9月下旬)以来,常规测量已对490个未知样品进行了测定,主要是有孔虫。



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