Title: Research on Determinants of Organizational Performance in Korea: Exploring the Evidence from Attitudes and Behaviors of Korean Public Employees


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The purpose of this study is to probe and test the impacts of the main determinants of perceived organizational outcomes in the Korean public sector, as identified in the relevant literature: organizational commitment (OC) and citizenship behavior (OCB). Based on systematic and rigorous empirical research, this study explores the perceptions of Korean public employees on interpersonal trust, structure, and culture and identifies important managerial and institutional conditions in order to run organizations more effectively and affectively. Using the Korean Central Government Survey data (2010) which includes 40 Korean central government agencies (a total number of sample: 1,122), as well as drawing upon the scholarly works from several disciplines, this study develops an antecedent-outcome model and analyzes how the different types of interpersonal and organizational characteristics s of affect OC and OCB in Korean central agencies at a hierarchical and multi-level ordering structure. This research finds that some of these predictors such as trust to colleague, a formalized structure, and a group culture play significant roles in fostering OC and OCB. Based on a discussion of the main findings, research and practical implications for public management and human resource management in Korean government agencies are provided.



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