Development of the 4D Phantom for patient-specific, end-to-end radiation therapy QA

机译:开发4D Phantom以实现针对患者的端到端放射治疗质量保证

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In many patients respiratory motion causes motion artifacts in CT images, thereby inhibiting precise treatment planning and lowering the ability to target radiation to tumors. The 4D Phantom, which includes a 3D stage and a ID stage that each are capable of arbitrary motion and timing, was developed to serve as an end-to-end radiation therapy QA device that could be used throughout CT imaging, radiation therapy treatment planning, and radiation therapy delivery. The dynamic accuracy of the system was measured with a camera system. The positional error was found to be equally likely to occur in the positive and negative directions for each axis, and the stage was within 0.1 mm of the desired position 85% of the time. In an experiment designed to use the 4D Phantom's encoders to measure trial-to-trial precision of the system, the 4D Phantom reproduced the motion during variable bag ventilation of a transponder that had been bronchoscopically implanted in a canine lung. In this case, the encoder readout indicated that the stage was within 10 microns of the sent position 94% of the time and that the RMS error was 7 microns. Motion artifacts were clearly visible in 3D and respiratory-correlated (4D) CT scans of phantoms reproducing tissue motion. In 4D CT scans, apparent volume was found to be directly correlated to instantaneous velocity. The system is capable of reproducing individual patient-specific tissue trajectories with a high degree of accuracy and precision and will be useful for end-to-end radiation therapy QA.
机译:在许多患者中,呼吸运动会在CT图像中引起运动伪影,从而抑制了精确的治疗计划并降低了将放射线靶向肿瘤的能力。开发了4D Phantom,其中包括3D平台和ID平台,每个平台都可以任意运动和定时,可以用作端到端放射治疗QA设备,可以在整个CT成像,放射治疗治疗计划中使用以及放射疗法的交付。该系统的动态精度是通过摄像系统测量的。发现每个轴的正向和负向均等可能发生位置误差,并且工作台在85%的时间中位于期望位置的0.1 mm以内。在一项旨在使用4D Phantom编码器测量系统试验精度的实验中,4D Phantom再现了通过支气管镜植入犬肺的应答器的可变袋通风过程中的运动。在这种情况下,编码器读数表明,载物台在94%的时间内距离发送位置10微米以内,RMS误差为7微米。运动假象在幻影的3D和呼吸相关(4D)CT扫描中清晰可见,可再现组织运动。在4D CT扫描中,发现表观体积与瞬时速度直接相关。该系统能够以高度的准确性和精确度再现患者特定的组织轨迹,并将对端到端放射治疗QA有用。



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