Simultaneous X-Rays/optical tomography of small animals


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A small animal multimodality tomographer dedicated to the co-registration of fluorescence optical signal and X-rays measurements has been developed in our laboratory. The purpose of such a system is to offer the possibility to get in vivo anatomical and functional information at once. Moreover, anatomical measurements can be used as a regularization factor in order to get the reconstructions of the biodistribution of fluorochromes more accurate and to speed up the treatment. The optical system is basically composed with a CW laser (Krypton, 752 nm) for an optimal excitation of Alexa-Fluor 750 fluorochromes, and a CCD camera coupled with a combination of filters for the fluorescence detection. The animal is placed inside a transparent tube filled with an index matching fluid. In order to perform multiple views of fluorescence data acquisitions, the cylinder is fixed to a rotating stage. The excitation beam is brought to the cylinder via two mirrors mounted on translation plates allowing a vertical scan. The optical data acquisitions are performed with a high sensitivity CCD camera. The X-ray generator and the X-ray detector have been placed perpendicularly to the optical chain. A first study on phantoms was conducted to evaluate the feasibility, to test the linearity and the reproducibility, and to fix the parameters for the co-registration. These test experiments were reproduced by considering mice in the oesophagus of which thin glass tubes containing fluorochromes were inserted. Finally, the performance of the system was evaluated in vivo on mice bearing tumours in the lungs, tagged with Transferin-AlexaFluor 750.
机译:在我们的实验室中已经开发出了一个小动物多峰层析成像仪,专门用于荧光光信号和X射线测量的共配准。这种系统的目的是提供一次获取体内解剖和功能信息的可能性。此外,解剖学测量可用作正则化因子,以便更准确地重建荧光染料的生物分布并加快治疗速度。光学系统主要由用于最佳激发Alexa-Fluor 750荧光染料的CW激光器(K,752 nm)和CCD相机以及用于荧光检测的滤光片组合组成。将动物放置在装有折射率匹配液的透明管内。为了执行荧光数据采集的多个视图,圆柱体固定在旋转台上。激发光束通过安装在平移板上的两个反射镜带到圆柱体,从而可以进行垂直扫描。光学数据采集是通过高灵敏度CCD相机执行的。 X射线发生器和X射线检测器已垂直于光学链放置。对体模进行了首次研究,以评估其可行性,测试线性度和可再现性,并确定用于共配准的参数。通过考虑在食管中插入了装有荧光染料的细玻璃管的小鼠来复制这些测试实验。最后,该系统的性能在体内评估了带有Transferin-AlexaFluor 750标签的肺部肿瘤小鼠。



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