Qualification and Development of the World's First High Pressure Subsea Boosting System for the Jack and St. Malo Field Development


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The Jack and St. Malo fields were developed in a deepwater Gulf of Mexico (GoM) setting by Chevron andrnco-owners and commenced production in 2014. The reservoirs are located roughly 25 miles apart, aboutrn250 miles southwest of New Orleans, Louisiana. Water depths in both fields are around 7,000 feet, andrnthe reservoirs lie approximately five miles below the water surface. The Jack and St. Malo fields wererndeveloped with subsea completions flowing back to the Walker Ridge Regional Platform, the largest, byrndisplacement, semi-submersible floating production unit (FPU) in the GoM.rnThe Lower Tertiary trend (LTT) in the GoM poses a number of documented challenges for flowingrnreservoir fluid from the sand face to surface facility. The key challenges are related to low permeability,rnhigh pressures, high temperatures, as well as water and well depths.
机译:雪佛龙公司和恩科公司的所有者在墨西哥湾深水区开发了杰克和圣马洛油田,并于2014年开始生产。水库相距约25英里,位于路易斯安那州新奥尔良西南约250英里处。两个油田的水深均为7,000英尺左右,水库位于水面以下约五英里处。杰克(Jack)和圣马洛(St. Malo)油田开发完后,海底完井流回沃克岭地区平台(Walker Ridge Regional Platform),这是该国最大的逐位位移半潜式浮式生产装置(FPU)。储层流体从砂面流到地表设施面临的许多挑战的文献记载。关键挑战与低渗透率,高压,高温以及水和井深有关。



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