MEMS DM development at Iris AO, Inc.

机译:Iris AO,Inc.的MEMS DM开发

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Iris AO is actively developing piston-tip-tilt (PTT) segmented MEMS deformable mirrors (DM) and adaptive optics (AO) controllers for these DMs. This paper discusses ongoing research at Iris AO that has advanced the state-of-the-art of these devices and systems over the past year. Improvements made to open-loop operation and mirror fabrication enables mirrors to open-loop flatten to 4 nm rms. Additional testing of an anti snap-in technology was conducted and demonstrates that the technology can withstand 100 million snap-in events without failure. Deformable mirrors with dielectric coatings are shown that are capable of handling 630 W/cm2 of incident laser power. Over a localized region on the segment, the dielectric coatings can withstand 100kW/cm2 incident laser power for 30 minutes. Results from the first-ever batch of PTT489 DMs that were shipped to pilot customers are reported. Optimizations made to the open-loop PTT controller are shown to have latencies of 157.5 μs and synchronous array update rates of nearly 6.5 kHz. Finally, plans for the design and fabrication of the next-generation PTT939 DM are presented.
机译:Iris AO正在积极开发针对这些DM的活塞尖端倾斜(PTT)分段MEMS变形镜(DM)和自适应光学(AO)控制器。本文讨论了Iris AO正在进行的研究,该研究在过去一年中对这些设备和系统进行了最先进的改进。开环操作和反射镜制造方面的改进使反射镜可以开环展平至4 nm rms。进行了防卡扣技术的附加测试,并证明了该技术可以承受1亿个卡扣事件而不会失败。示出了具有介电涂层的可变形反射镜,其能够处理630 W / cm2的入射激光功率。在段的局部区域上,介电涂层可以承受100kW / cm2的入射激光功率30分钟。报告了首批交付给试点客户的PTT489 DM的结果。对开环PTT控制器进行的优化显示,延迟为157.5μs,同步阵列更新速率接近6.5 kHz。最后,介绍了下一代PTT939 DM的设计和制造计划。



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