Phenomenological marine snow model for optical underwater image simulation: Applications to color restoration




Optical imaging plays an important role in oceanic science and engineering. However, the design of optical systems and image processing techniques for subsea environment are challenging tasks due to water turbidity. Marine snow is notably a major source of image degradation as it creates white bright spots that may strongly impact the performance of image processing methods. In this context, it is necessary to have a tool to foresee the behavior of these methods in marine conditions. This paper presents a phenomenological model of marine snow for image simulation. In order to highlight the interest of such a modeling for image processing characterization, the impact of marine snow perturbation on a color restoration technique is analyzed and a solution to improve the robustness of the algorithm is finally proposed.
机译:光学成像在海洋科学和工程中起着重要作用。 然而,由于水浊度,光学系统和图像处理技术的设计具有挑战性的任务。 海洋雪是显着的图像劣化来源,因为它产生了可能强烈影响图像处理方法的性能的白色明亮斑点。 在这种情况下,有必要具有预见这些方法在海洋状况中的行为的工具。 本文提出了一种用于图像仿真的海洋雪的现象学模型。 为了突出像图像处理表征这种建模的兴趣,分析了海洋雪扰动对颜色恢复技术的影响,并且最终提出了提高算法的鲁棒性的解决方案。



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